Brooke is available as a writing coach or script doctor and leads workshops in and around New York City seasonally.

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I took Brooke Berman’s class at a time when writing was not yet an integral part of my artistic life. The work we did class was therefore foundational, part of my first formative methods of discovery, and I have leaned on those principles ever since. Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out, I highly recommend time with this wonderful woman and her soulful writing practice.
—Jessica Dickey, playwright

I LOVE working with Brooke. She intuitively understands me, my writing, where I want to go and what I want to do. I feel extremely supported in the daunting journey of writing a screenplay. Her insight and developmental notes are superb. She shares her extensive experience in the industry as a writer but also just as a person with enormous depth and understanding of the human experience. Her guidance is invaluable.
—Rachel Fleit, Filmmaker

Brooke is a perfect, nurturing, inspiring and open inspiration. She is a superb teacher and a loving complex thinker.
—Erin Cressida Wilson, filmmaker and writer

Brooke Berman is an exceptional teacher. She has an innate ability to generously connect to her students and help them deepen and strengthen their writing. She creates a supportive environment where writers can truly grow. I highly recommend her workshops.
—Anne Garcia-Romero, playwright and theater professor, University of Notre Dame

Brooke Berman is a deeply generous and ardent teacher; her insightful attention to structure and construction along with her belief in writing-from-the-self creates an ideal learning environment for the unhindered exploration of the creative self.
—Lawrence Dial, Playwright

Brooke is easily one of my favorite teachers, of anything, ever. When I first took her class I was completely unsure of myself, completely unsure of what I wanted, completely unsure of whether or not playwriting was something I could do. But she grounded me, showed me that writing is not so much an achievement as it is a practice–as something you grow and live with. Her classes are motivating, challenging, exciting, and inspiring. She encourages you to reach deeper, to use what you have and to open yourself up to what’s ahead. Every day that I write I call on something she taught me, and I am terribly grateful to know her.

—Meghan Deans, Playwright, NYC