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It's been a busy Spring! My team and I are fundraising for POLLY FREED, my feature debut, an adaptation of the play "Out of the Water" starring Kat Foster. I'm teaching at the Atlantic theater and privately (email me if you're interested! I've got a class starting April 3 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and working with private clients on their writing. I'm also hard at work on a new pilot and a book of essays. I am inspired by the way so many of us are coming together during this time, exploring ways to bridge personal and political, art and activism, and in my case parenting too. Keep up the good work, Everyone. It's going to be an amazing Spring. x/BB

"If You Love Girls..."
Entertainment Weekly features a lovely back page listing books you should read if you're a fan of Lena Dunham's "Girls-- including Brooke's memoir NO PLACE LIKE HOME.
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Brooke Berman is the real deal
No Place Like Home
a gift to artists and dreamers everywhere